Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

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Mary Jane: I never want to come down.
Peter: I know, right? It’s great up here. It’s like you could figure your whole life out up here if you had— if you had a life that wasn’t all jacked up and weird like ours, maybe. You could still do it if you wanted. Turn yourself in. I could hide somewhere—
Mary Jane: No.
Peter: Wait for them—
Mary Jane: No.
Peter: Give ‘em a good show, then—
Mary Jane: No.
Peter: Slip away—
Mary Jane: No, Tiger. One, no. Two, it’d never work. And three— no. Now say it back.
Peter: No. 
Mary Jane: Yes, there you go. Maybe the rest of the world thinks marriage is something to do between other marriages, but it means something to me. You’re my partner and my husband and I love you. This is our life.
Peter: Yeah, you and me. Forever and always.

Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1

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