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Welcome to themaryjanewatson! This is your #1 go to blog devoted to Mary Jane Watson, often shortened to MJ. MJ is a fictional supporting character appearing originally in Marvel comic books and later in multiple spin-offs and dramatizations of the Spider-Man titles as the best friend, love interest, and one-time wife (as Mary Jane Watson-Parker) of Peter Parker, the alter ego of Spider-Man.

Want to discuss all things Mary Jane with other fans? Tired of the mess that is her tag? Want to make friends who also love our favorite redhead? Then join the Marvelous Mary Jane Network!

Peter: You know, someday they’re going to find a way to bottle the strength of the Parker women… and on that day… the criminals of the world better look out.

A former classmate of Peter’s has a laboratory accident that gives him superpowers, and he blames him for it. He tries to hurt Aunt May and Mary Jane as revenge by setting both their houses on fire, but they are unharmed. May is quiet and Peter thinks she hates him for not stopping the destruction of her house and is upset and broken over it, but MJ takes charge and comforts him, and all Aunt May wanted was a few minutes to retrieve a family photo album that was in the debris. In the face of adversity, the Parker women are stronger than Spider-Man himself.

Amazing Spider-Man #519

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    "The worst thing in the world would be if I lost you." ~MJ
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