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Web of Spider-Man #12 Writer: Peter David, Pencils: Sal Buscema

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That one time Harry dragged MJ to the exact place where his father killed their friend, and then was horrified when she took that to mean he was going to kill her in the same way

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make me choose » anonymous asked Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson

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Anonymous: "do you know where I can read the Spider-Man comics online? specifically the Superior Spider-Man :)"

you could always try torrenting?

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CARLIE: Is that cowardly? Am I… abandoning him? Like we both said, it’s not Peter’s fault.
MARY JANE: No. But it’s his decision. “Power and responsibility.” I admire that he takes on that burden… makes that choice. But it’s still a choice. And it’s okay to make a different one.
CARLIE: I guess you’re right. We don’t have his power, we don’t need to have his responsibility.
MARY JANE: We have different kinds of power. And we can pick the responsibilities that matter to us.
CARLIE: Be happy, MJ. You’ve earned it.
MARY JANE: We both have.

Superior Spider-Man #31

These panels! Girls being supportive of each other! Girls comforting one another and having deep, meaningful conversations about life! One guy’s two exes not being catty! Girls genuinely wishing each other well! It’s almost too overwhelming.

an addendum to my last ask, it’s such a shame that slott doesn’t seem to like mj all that much, because he actually writes her really well when he wants to.

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Anonymous: "Considering this has happened two or three times before, she's probably not gone for good. I feel like Slott isn't super fond of her, much like some other writers who temporary wrote her out and once someone else is head writer on spidey she'll probably come back again (particularly since she seem popular with certain comic book writers)"

the question is, when will slott be done with spider-man? i swear that guy is like norman himself, he just does not go away ever.

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CARLIE: I guess I should feel lucky. I’m alive. Not like that other poor girl… The one who got thrown off the bridge.
CARLIE: Oh, that’s right, you knew her too, didn’t you?
MARY JANE: We were friends. She always saw the best in everyone… In the world. Had a way of making you feel everything would be okay. After she died… Nothing was ever really okay again.

Superior Spider-Man #31

PETER: This is going to sound crazy. It was Dr. Octopus. He took over my body. It’s been months. I don’t even know half the stuff he—
MARY JANE: Peter. Stop. I believe you. I know things like this happen to you. And I understand it’s not your fault. It’s your life. But I can’t have it be my life anymore.

Superior Spider-Man #31

So I guess it’s safe to assume Marvel is officially done with MJ, what with the reference to her first appearance in this panel and the whole talk in this issue (which was actually well written and believable, and showed a really strong, grown-up aspect of her) about needing to stay away from Peter to have a normal life, and that’s it’s okay to want that?

Sad. But Marvel hasn’t been on MJ’s side for years now, so maybe this is for the best.