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Welcome to themaryjanewatson! This is your #1 go to blog devoted to Mary Jane Watson, often shortened to MJ. MJ is a fictional supporting character appearing originally in Marvel comic books and later in multiple spin-offs and dramatizations of the Spider-Man titles as the best friend, love interest, and one-time wife (as Mary Jane Watson-Parker) of Peter Parker, the alter ego of Spider-Man.

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Woven: Wait For Me » An MJ and Peter fan fic by Broegan & Mari

His hand lingers in the air for a fraction longer than it should, and he doesn’t take his eyes off MJ. Finally, he straightens up, still looking at her expectantly.

“You look really beautiful, Mary Jane.” He waits there for a second longer again, as if there was something else he wanted to say, but decided against it and makes his way into the building.

MJ freezes, a shiver crawling up her spine and she blows a piece of hair out of her face. She couldn’t deny it any longer: She had strong feelings for Peter Parker.

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Best New Band: The Mary Janes, courtesy of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez in Edge of Spider-Verse #2

bigsighhh ASKED:
I was wondering, how do you feel about Kaya Scodelario or Dakota Blue Richards or Imogen Poots as potential candidates to portray Mary Jane? Love the blog!

i (broegan) am really fond of the idea of imogen poots! i just made two edits with her.

one and two.

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like, for real. no one has the time or energy to scroll through ten paragraphs of stuff every time there’s a new post.

Shailene + red hair

Aunt May’s House for Wayward Super-Teens


Mary Jane & Spider-Man

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Do you guys have a DL for it? All the torrents ive found have no seeders and don't work