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Anonymous: "Do you think Shai will be coming back? She'd make such a wonderful MJ, it'd break my heart to see her recast!"

i think not, especially with the news of the last divergent movie being split into two; her coming back or not has been said to have to do with her schedule and now it seems tighter than ever. which is a shame, because she’s my number one choice for mj and i hate that the fanboys that called her ugly won this one.

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every time someone suggests emma stone should dye her hair red and come back as mj a puppy dies.

“Will you do me a favor, Peter? Say “Hello” for me and — tell Gwen I miss her, too…”


Web of Spider-Man #11 Danny Fingeroth (plot), Bill Mantlo (script), Bob McLeod (art)

Mary Jane struggles with the burden of being Peter’s confidante.

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The great thing about M.J. is when you look in her eyes, and she’s looking back in yours, everything feels not quite normal, because you feel stronger, and weaker at the same time. You feel excited, and at the same time, terrified. The truth is you don’t know what you feel, except you know what kind of man you want to be. It’s as if you’ve reached the unreachable, and you weren’t ready for it. 

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Web of Spider-Man #85 Writer: Howard Mackie, Pencils: Alex Saviuk

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Web of Spider-Man #12 Writer: Peter David, Pencils: Sal Buscema

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That one time Harry dragged MJ to the exact place where his father killed their friend, and then was horrified when she took that to mean he was going to kill her in the same way

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